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2017 AWBD LEGISLATIVE PRINCIPLES – Updated 2016-12-21

85th Regular Session

  1. AWBD supports the efficient and effective daily operation of water districts. Water districts provide essential water, wastewater and drainage utility service and other services to millions of Texans.
  2. AWBD supports the conservation of the state’s water resources. AWBD supports local control in implementing water conservation measures; AWBD opposes state mandates regarding water conservation. AWBD supports broader authority for water districts to implement mandatory water conservation measures for their customers.
  3. AWBD supports the development of water resources and innovative systems to treat, reuse and recycle water; including but not limited to desalination, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), and off channel storage
  4. AWBD supports the existing rules and regulations for water reuse and recycling. AWBD opposes any new regulatory scheme that alters or limits the existing authority to reuse and recycle water.
  5. AWBD supports statutes and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Rules that allow water districts the option to use the principles of “low impact development.”
  6. AWBD supports the responsible oversight of water districts by the TCEQ. AWBD supports efforts to ensure that all types of water districts are subject to TCEQ rules relating to the issuance and feasibility of bonds. AWBD supports the continued oversight of all water district related functions by the TCEQ.
  7. AWBD supports TCEQ user fees that are directly proportional to the costs of services to the water districts utilizing the services.
  8. AWBD supports the current legal relationship between municipalities and water districts. AWBD opposes any diminution of a water district’s right to be created or to operate within the jurisdiction of a municipality.
  9. AWBD supports the current legal relationship between counties and water districts. AWBD opposes any new authority of counties to regulate water districts or the development of property in a water district, except that AWBD supports the authority of counties to require within the boundaries of a water district: i) connection to a centralized water and sewer system; ii) that water, sewer, drainage and road facilities be designed and constructed to reasonable county standards; and iii) the provision of adequate fire suppression facilities.
  10. AWBD opposes any effort to shift responsibility of maintenance for road or related facilities, including storm sewers located within the road right of ways or within related easements dedicated to the public or a county, from counties to water districts.
  11. AWBD opposes legislation that would allow nontaxable users, including independent school districts, to avoid paying water district charges and fees, including charges and fees for construction, installation, or inspection of a tap or connection to district facilities.
  12. AWBD supports the financial independence of water districts. AWBD opposes any limitation on a water district’s authority to (i) incur debt and levy taxes, subject to voter authorization as may be required by existing law; (ii) adopt all necessary fees or charges for water and sanitary sewer services; and (iii) provide other statutorily authorized services.
  13. AWBD supports the development of parks and recreational facilities by water districts. The establishment of parks and greenbelts is an important tool to conserve the state’s natural resources.
  14. AWBD opposes any legislation that would reduce or limit the governmental immunity of water districts; provided, however that AWBD supports the ability of water districts and third parties, including other local governments, to contract with each other and enforce such contracts.
  15. AWBD opposes any further restrictions on the number of uniform elections dates.
  16. AWBD supports legislation to allow water districts the option to conduct their own elections to provide in-district polling places to voters.
  17. AWBD supports a water district’s right to contract for tax collections and opposes any mandate to centralize the tax collection process. AWBD opposes mandated revenue caps. AWBD supports the existing truth in taxation laws for water districts.
  18. AWBD supports the development of an internet presence by water districts for the purpose of providing information to water district customers and taxpayers.





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